(Nov. 22) will be an international day of action where each of the participating cities will engage in creative collaborations (teach in, workshop, screening, open-mic, festival and etc.) - to share stories, strategies and solutions for a Human Justice-based prison activism:

Convening parties from 11 cities in 7 countries are being asked to participate in the following:

  • Choose a space where you will hold your event:
    1. Prison/Jail, college campus or a community-based space
  • Be creative with your event and share with us your plan through the website (under construction)!  Below is some food for thought to integrate or use in your workshop!
    1. Human Rights Standards (*see end of document)
    2. Bill of Rights for Returning Citizens by Eddie Ellis and Bryonn Bain (*see end of document)
    3. Example of a workshop taking place in NYC on 11/21: SIng Sing workshop (see end of document for description)
  • Share with the world!
    1. Post/upload stories,videos, blogs from the Day of Action!

    Prison Action Day in the Netherlands

    Read the report here



    Lyrics from Lockdown

    Lyrics from Lockdown

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